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Sh17radio: Off-Air

Stay tuned for further updates


Click here to listen to the sh17radio broadcast. (You may need to right click and save the file, then open with your media player)

08/16/08 – Sh17Radio is sort of back up as an experiment.    More to come…  Stay tuned.

03/20/09 – Sh17Radio is once again off and on. Join #thesh17 on EfNet for current status.

11/03/09 – Switched to IceCast instead of shoutcast. Had to change my php code some to parse the stats(artist,song, etc) from the new icecast server but it should show up correctly here on this page. Still working on an automated requests system.

07/19/10 – I’ll probably be switching the streaming to a VPS soon so that it can actually be on 24/7. sh17bot is back in #thesh17 now, and the request system is kind of working.

05/26/11 – Radio has been offline semi-permanently for a while now. Will post news once it is back up and streaming.

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