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Lucky man finds barn full of vintage cars

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

From OhGizmo! » Archive » Man Buys Farm – Finds Barn Full Of Vintage Cars

“As the story goes someone in Portugal bought a farm on a plot of land that had been abandoned for 15 years or so. While exploring their property they found a large barn that was locked up tight with a rusty padlock. After a bit of brute force they got the lock off and opened the doors revealing a mind-blowing collection of vintage cars.”

Vintage Car barn afa412jl.jpg I wonder how a collection of cars this big could have gone unknown for so long. You’d think if he had any family or friends they’d know about it, right? Maybe they’re just all stolen and were in hiding. Either way, that barn’s definitely worth a lot. Check out the full gallery of the cars here[mma.tv].

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