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Friday, March 9, 2007

Web-Sites of the Month: Best of February 2007 | Smashing Magazine

I stumbled on this website, and found a few of the sites on it pretty cool.

IMified – I’ve heard of this before, but I never actually tried it until now. Just add imified@imified.com to your msn (or go to the website for other IM services). Send a message and it’ll automatically create an account for you. The reminder feature is pretty cool. You can tell it to remind you to do something a at a certain time and it’ll send you a message telling you whatever you wanted it to at that time. Check the screenshot to see it in actionIMified

Well. There’s a lot more websites listed, but this was the only one I felt like mentioning. I just think it’s neat. You can add GoogleCalander, Blogger, WordPress, and a bunch of other services as well.

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