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Saturday, March 10, 2007

So I was digging it up when I came across some cool and fucked up sh17.
#1.Top 20 firefox add-ons- now I don’t know if I agree with all the add ons (like the colored tabs), but i do have the stumbleupon one. Also the web developer add-on is pretty awesome if your into web design stuff.

#2. Mechanic has sex with cars-Wtf this is just fucking weird. I swear to the supreme bear that if I see suggestive stains in my car after I take it to a mechanic, Ill get rid of that car fucker in along with my van in the lake. Good thing I’m (someday) gonna get a new car.

#3. Serenity nerdy addition.- ALL HAIL, Its Joss Whedon.

#3. Top 5 future tech-I want a robot suit that cloaks and makes dishes.

#4. Websites shut down by the government- I hope this ones next.

#5. New Wii Channel- Apparently they’re coming out with a channel where you can vote for the best mii. I hope my Samuel L Jackson one wins.

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