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Some optimizing to thesh17 downloading time

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I followed the advice from gHacks and started optimizing thesh17 a little bit better.

I installed the css-compress wordpress plugin that automatically gzips .css files, and it reduced the (~)download time from 28.85 seconds on a 56k modem to 23 seconds. That alone is pretty good, but I decided to re-enable the normal gzip support in wordpress too, so that all pages are gzipped before being sent to your browser. This didn’t have much effect on thesh17, so it was still at 23 seconds.

I’ll still keep messing around with things I find, but for right now the main page is less than 100k with all images, scripts, and stylesheets loaded. On a T1 or a good cable connection that’s around 4 or 5 seconds. With any luck, I can get it lower. Check it out for yourself.

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