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Embedded Video Plugin Modified to show videos in feeds

Friday, March 30, 2007

It’s been slightly annoying me that videos weren’t showing up in The Sh17’s RSS feed, so I decided to modify the plugin I’ve been using.

From the author’s page: jovelblog ยป Embedded Video with Link

V3.0 – 30.01.2007

* plugin ready for WordPress 2.1!
* removed video object in feed, just a link instead
* added video portal: brightcove, aniBOOM
* added support for local media files like mov, avi, mpg, flv, swf

I guess videos showed up in feeds up until version 3.0. I started editing the embedded-video.php file and around line 132 is where my modifications start.
Lines 132 to 159. All I did was comment out the if/else statement.
//if ( !is_feed() ) {
switch ($match[1]) {
case "youtube": $output .= YOUTUBE_TARGET; break;
case "google": $output .= GOOGLE_TARGET; break;
case "myvideo": $output .= MYVIDEO_TARGET; break;
case "clipfish": $output .= CLIPFISH_TARGET; break;
case "sevenload": $output .= SEVENLOAD_TARGET; break;
case "revver": $output .= REVVER_TARGET; break;
case "metacafe": $output .= METACAFE_TARGET; break;
case "yahoo": $output .= YAHOO_TARGET; break;
case "ifilm": $output .= IFILM_TARGET; break;
case "myspace": $output .= MYSPACE_TARGET; break;
case "brightcove": $output .= BRIGHTCOVE_TARGET; break;
case "aniboom": $output .= ANIBOOM_TARGET; break;
case "vimeo": $output .= VIMEO_TARGET; break;
case "guba": $output .= GUBA_TARGET; break;
case "dailymotion": $output .= DAILYMOTION_TARGET; $match[3] = "nolink"; break;
case "garagetv": $output .= GARAGE_TARGET; $match[3] = "nolink"; break;
case "local":
if (preg_match("%([[:print:]]+).(mov|qt)$%", $match[2])) { $output .= QUICKTIME_TARGET; break; }
elseif (preg_match("%([[:print:]]+).(wmv|mpg|mpeg|mpe|asf|asx|wax|wmv|wmx|avi)$%", $match[2])) { $output .= VIDEO_TARGET; break; }
elseif (preg_match("%([[:print:]]+).(swf|flv)$%", $match[2])) { $output .= FLASHPLAYER_TARGET; break; }
default: break;
//} else {
// if a feed, overwrite nolink option
//$match[3] = "Link";

And I added this:

//add generic <noembed> so that feed readers that dont support it won't get confused
$output .= "<noembed>--There's a video here that you can't see. You should check out the blog post and watch it.--</noembed>";

Now. With any luck, video’s will start showing up in feeds. If the plugin doesn’t get updated anytime soon, I’ll extend it and just have it post a thumbnail of the video or something with a link to the post.

For a test:

Discover and Share
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