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Update Your Software Automatically (On Windows)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Update:  FileHippo now includes an installer for their update checker program and the filesize is ~150kb.    Direct link to stand alone version is still available:  http://filehippo.com/updatechecker/UpdateChecker.exe

Part of the post that wordpress screwed me out of, was this software updater I saw at Google Operating System from FileHippo.

It’s kind of like `emerge -nupDv world` or `apt-get upgrade` but for windows, where there is no central repository for software. You download the 108kb exe 154kb exe with installer from filehippo and it’ll automatically scan your harddrive for software you have installed, send it to filehippo and then output a page similar to below showing you what software is out-dated with links where you should download the updated version.


This is only going to work with software that FileHippo knows about and can find, but it’s still pretty useful if you like keeping your system up to date.

The next best thing I know of for windows is Google’s Google Pack.

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