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Gaim == Pidgin

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I stumbled on this today. Apparently the multi-service and multi-platform im client Gaim changed it’s name to Pidgin a few days ago. They’ve been having legal troubles with AOL since they patented AIM.

It’s still the same program, but now the developers are going to start releasing real versions and not just beta versions. Their new web page is http://www.pidgin.im/

“After a long, and unfortunately secret debate (as we could not say why we were looking at a name change, we ended up just doing this ourselves), we settled on the name “Pidgin” for gaim itself, “libpurple” for libgaim (which, as of 2.0.0 beta6, exists), and “Finch” for gaim-text.”

Source: http://www.pidgin.im/ or http://gaim.sf.net

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