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Anatomy of a Scam

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Alright. This is going in uncategorized because I’m not really sure where to stick it.

A little side project of mine I’ve started up: www.mygeekspace.com.

I’ve had my resume posted on some job sites for a few months, and got a ton of these fake job offers from scammers wanting me to reship items, rewire money, etc. I got fed up with it, and contacted careerbuilder.com, the company from which i received most of these offers, to try get them to take some action. They refused.

So now, I’m forced to take it into my own hands. I’m blogging the entire experience of accepting one of these fake job’s, and you can share in my fun and excitement with the new “position”. I’m including screenshots of all the emails back and forth, and should there be any phone calls I will be recording them and uploading them for your listening pleasure as well.

My ultimate goal with this project is going to be to “out” the scammers, though another high on the list is to inform any of the people victimized by these “scammers” of what is going on so that they can fix whatever damage may have been done to their finances.

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posted by mik0r at 9:17 pm  

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  1. Mik0r to teh rescue! Yeah my friend who basicly resales pcs on ebay gets alot of scammers.

    Comment by [K_r] — April 12, 2007 @ 6:58 am

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