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New BioShock Footage

Sunday, July 8, 2007

 Here’s a clip of some more gameplay in bioshock.

I love how the game’s really open-ended on completing objectives.  This video shows the guy going through the same room three times.  Once, he basically dies trying to shoot everything.  Twice, he hacks a turret and lights people on fire then electrocutes them when they run to a body of water to put themselves out.   The third time he turns the Big Daddy to his side, and later kills him to get the Adam from the little girl.

Some of the little details are really cool too, like how you can move and rotate trip wires to your advantage using telekinesis.  Pretty nifty.

Check out the other videos I’ve put up of Bioshock.  I want this game.

[Source: Game|Life]

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