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133 Bottles of Bawls on the wall

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ever wondered how many bottles of Bawls you could drink? Or how many cans of redbull, amp, crunk, rockstar, etc. it would take?

Now you can find out! Death by Caffeine lets you enter your weight and select an energy drink; it then tells you approximately what it’ll take to kill you.

bawls death

Of course.. I wouldn’t recommend actually TRYING to drink this many(even if you don’t die, bad things are bound to happen).

 Here’s some math:

134 bottles of bawls at $1.50 each is $201 .

134 bottles of bawls is about  1340 oz.

134 bottles of bawls with 66.7mg caffeine each is about  8937.8mg of caffeine.

 134 bottles of bawls with 32g of sugar each is 4288grams of sugar.

I wonder how long caffeine actually stays in your body..    Either way, if anyone comes up to me offering to bong bawls; I’ll make sure I count the bottles first!

[Energy Fiend] is a cool site about caffeine and energy drinks.  You should really go check it out and learn something.

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