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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yay… only most of the month till Halo3. Bungie is saying its already gone gold, being manufactured in giant monolithic buildings. My god, its full of stars. Me and Levi plan on playing the first two games in the trilogy before raping the fuck out of an onslaught of brute hordes in H3. Until then I’ll be playing the Call of duty 4 beta, of which is quite good. It feels like a call of duty game, and I suck at it just as badly too. My only tactic is to run around with an AK47 and mow down any thing in front of me that may have been taken by surprise. When you get to lvl 4 you can create your own class, I call mine the Mikhail Kalashnikov special. It consists of the three perks; RPGx2, Stoping Power, and Last Stand.

Well thats all I have to say, Jt made me. and here is a halo commercial from Korea…YAY.

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