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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Microsoft released a press release about the Zune V2 the other day. The video above I saw on Zuneboards earlier and it reminded me about it.

A bigger harddrive is the main thing I’m excited about.   They’re releasing a 80gb version that’s a little slimmer than a v1 Zune is right now.

If you look at the feature specs, it looks like you’ll be able to synchronize wirelessly now.  Hopefully this means with a PC or through the Internet  anywhere there’s a wi-fi hotspot.  That’d be badass. 

Zuneboards posted this picture:

Zune Vs Ipod Specs

I think I’m definitely going to sell my v1 Zune and buy the new 80gig version 2 when it comes out.   I’m definitely not a fan of Microsoft or anything like that(even though I do tech support for them now) but I could at least store all of my music on that 80gb hdd unlike the 30gb one.   And I just don’t like Ipods very much.

All the new features that are part of v2 will work with v1 Zunes as well.  There’s going to be a firmware update soon to include all of those features,  including wireless sync.   So if you have a Zune already; get the firmware update, and you’ll be just as good as the v2 unless you want a bigger harddrive or slimmer looking Zune.

There’s also 4gb and 8gb flash models designed to rival the Ipod Nano basically.    They’ll have the same features as the bigger models, including all the wireless features and fm radio.

Check out the video above to see the looks of the new Zune but here’s a glimpse of the flash models.

Zune vs Ipod Nano specs

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