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Duke Nukem Forever Teaser

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Shot Yes. That’s right.  Duke Nukem Forever.  I think it might actually be coming … someday.  The above picture is just a screenshot of the Teaser Trailer.

3D Realms yesterday posted that today they were going to post a Teaser Video they had made.

From the 3D Realms post:

“We’d like to thank the people on the team that worked so hard to create this teaser and the friends of 3DR that helped create it (Jeremy Soule and Julian Soule, Frank Bry, Jason Evigan and of course, Jon St. John).”

Now, just because these are the people who helped create it doesn’t mean they’re the ones that need to be beat if we don’t see anything else for a few more years.

Head over to 3D Realms to check out the release post or straight to shacknews to download the Trailer.  It’s about 75mb and one minute long.

There’s also a story on Shacknews about the History of Duke.

edit:  3dRealms and Shacknews are both extremely slow right now, so I might end up mirroring the video file on my server.  I’ll leave a link here if I do.
Edit: Here’s youtube to the rescue. I might still mirror the HD .mov file though, who knows

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