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I F***ed Sh17 Up

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alright, so I had a text message from Kanchi last night saying the site was fucked up.  I kinda ignored it because I had better things to do (like sleep.)

Turns out it really was screwed up.  I checked the stats for yesterday and at a certain point in the day it dropped from hundreds of visits an hour to almost none :\

I enabled Short-URLS for mediawiki on The Sh17’s Private Project Wiki, but accidentally messed up the .htaccess file at the root of the site.  It was redirecting almost all traffic (that wasn’t a real file) to the wiki for it to handle.  So if you visited thesh17 dot com in the evening yesterday, you probably got some kind of authentication error.   Sorry about that but everything should be fixed now.

Actually. Everythings half okay.   You guys shouldn’t notice anything though.  Leave a comment if you have any problems!

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Com-Oh-Dee, Comedy!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

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QVC Samurai Sword

Thursday, January 10, 2008

 Not a prank call this time, but still hilarious.  The guy basically stabs himself with the sword hes trying to sell.

“We.. Uh.. May.. Need emergency surgery.. In the studio”

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Prank Call to QVC (Porno) – votd

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another prank phone call.  This time it’s to QVC and the guy loves Porno on his Dell.

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George Romero’s Resident Evil Movie Script

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

george_romeroGeorge Romero, the guy behind most of the great Zombie movies, originally wrote a script for the movie portrayal of Resident Evil.

Night of the Living Dead

Dawn of the Dead

Day of the Dead

Land of the Dead

Originally, Romero was set to write the theatrical version of Resident Evil, but there were conflicts of interest with the director.


…JILL, heavily ARMED, in UNIFORM, wearing a beret that has an insignia… S.T.A.R.S. She rushes down the front path and jumps into A HUMMER with THREE OTHER TROOPERS on board. The vehicle pulls instantly away…

…leaving Chris, looking through the window, puzzled, angry, and very much wounded.

I was browsing through ZombieReportingCenter dot com and came across this article which led me to the script.  I remembered hearing from a friend that Romero was supposed to write or direct Resident Evil but I never read the script or knew anyone who had.

George Romero’s version of the movie starts out completely different.   It starts with some mishaps in a lab being watched through a video screen, then cuts to Chris Redfield feeding some eagles.  After seeing something that freaks him out Chris goes back to Jill Valentines apartment and gets in bed with her.  They talk about how alone they are and then eventually Jill wakes up before Chris because she gets a call from S.T.A.R.S and has to leave.

Oh, and there was something to do with a guy and horses somewhere in that sequence..


non-roads and stops fifty yards from...

...A PAIR OF IRON GATES, each wrought with the letter "A".
Beyond, the shifting fog offers momentary glimpses of...
A MANSION.  Huge.  Like Xandau.  THE TROOPERS, amazed,
climb out and approach the gates.
It looks like they're still going to the Mansion!

A deep, animal SNARL comes from the woods.  The troopers
raise their weapons as they peer into the underbrush.  The
fog keeps sunlight from penetrating.  The forest is a maze
of dark shadows. Leaves flutter.  Limbs SNAP.  Then...

DARK SHAPES can be seen moving, circling.  A half-dozen
of them.  Maybe more.  Jill whips out a transmitter and
quickly types an access code.
It didn't take long for the suspense to start building up.
After this scene it goes to some more recognizable characters like Wesker and Barry Burton.Chris gets out of bed, Helicopters land outside on the street of Raccoon City and attempt to evacuate everybody.

Chris beats up some guards, saves a sheriff and goes to his. . farm? I guess the guy with the horses was running Chris’s farm for him.  The old guy’s laying on the ground dying next to three of the horses that are also dead.

Barry looks worried. His instincts are asking... "We might
need... 'help'".  Against what? We only see this in his eyes,
he says nothing as...

...Wesker leads the team through the woods, unaware of...

...CHRIS, following behind, crouching around trees and
bushes, not a trained commando, but comfortable with the
land, a natural warrior using ancestral instincts.

Chris makes his way through the woods and follows the S.T.A.R.S team members that just landed.  This is only about page 16 of the script, but so far it seems like it would have made a pretty decent movie.

Go over to the Movie Script Place and read the rest of the script.  I might finish reading it all and review it some point in the future but for right now I’ll leave that up to you guys.

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Prank Call to Chinese Food Place – votd

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Continuing with another Prank Call like yesterday(this morning actually). here’s one where a guy calls up one Chinese restaurant and has them repeat the order to another Chinese restaurant.

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Patrick shits himself, Stewert hates WoW, and Zuko dances with a boy.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I don’t really like tv. Its not that there isn’t some good shows to watch, its just that the internet has all that shit and manages to fit my irregular lifestyle. Some of the best treasures of the tube is the Daily Show/Colbert hour, which has just returned from the writers strike. And of course, Colbert takes his satirical conservative stance against it, but Stewart seems to have a not completely liberal response (unlike Obama). He actualy sorta disapproves with both sides not geting together to solve this internet distribution problem instead of acting like a bunch of 13 year old fagots. I can only imagion the stupid blather the duo (Stewart and Colbert) got from the picketers for crossing the line.

I also witnessed the new episode of Avatar (Se: 3, Ep: 13). It was a good episode but I have one concern. Zuko had always been a sort of anti hero for me, and now with him becoming good I’m sort of worried that his character will fall apart. I hope that when the upcoming face off with the firelord happens, the writers will show the deeper and more interesting sides to all the characters. Some of the best moments was when Katara learned bloodbending or when Sokka lost his cool talking to Azula. Its moments like this that define characters and there roles in the story. But I have faith that the writers will develope zuko into an interesting character, just not as evil.

These two gems of the television overlords are the only ones I frequently watch. Oh but ye ponders, “Hay dood, hows I deshackle myself from teh tube and ascend to media greatness.” Well my silly lifeforms of the depths, the answer lies in the internet (the greater of the tubes if you will). There are plenty of uprising vidcasts and online tv shows that feature wondrous content. In fact, [Adult Swim] features many of there weekly lineup on-the-line. Every thing from the cybornetic poultry to the morbid stationary. From time to time the internet births its own children, which grow up and and make its networked father proud. This bastard child i speak of is Martin Sargent. His freakish yet wondrous shows can be found at revision 3, a website that features an assortment of sweet ass shows. The small creepy guy in the corner with one hand in a region unknown to many of his onlookers asks, “But wat of ye shows for us who feature an appalling sort of humor”. Well Nobody Likes Onions is the very thing for you sir. Hosted by the very much loved and hated Patrick Melton, Johnny B, and Chef. This one is not how ever to be viewed by normal easily offended people. Lets just say they were the second to have a joke with 9/11 in it, the first being anon.

Here are some links to awesomeness, and remember to support your internet media.



1UP show


Pure Pwnage

Zero Punchuation


Robotic lungs breath in your sweet data…

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