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Patrick shits himself, Stewert hates WoW, and Zuko dances with a boy.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I don’t really like tv. Its not that there isn’t some good shows to watch, its just that the internet has all that shit and manages to fit my irregular lifestyle. Some of the best treasures of the tube is the Daily Show/Colbert hour, which has just returned from the writers strike. And of course, Colbert takes his satirical conservative stance against it, but Stewart seems to have a not completely liberal response (unlike Obama). He actualy sorta disapproves with both sides not geting together to solve this internet distribution problem instead of acting like a bunch of 13 year old fagots. I can only imagion the stupid blather the duo (Stewart and Colbert) got from the picketers for crossing the line.

I also witnessed the new episode of Avatar (Se: 3, Ep: 13). It was a good episode but I have one concern. Zuko had always been a sort of anti hero for me, and now with him becoming good I’m sort of worried that his character will fall apart. I hope that when the upcoming face off with the firelord happens, the writers will show the deeper and more interesting sides to all the characters. Some of the best moments was when Katara learned bloodbending or when Sokka lost his cool talking to Azula. Its moments like this that define characters and there roles in the story. But I have faith that the writers will develope zuko into an interesting character, just not as evil.

These two gems of the television overlords are the only ones I frequently watch. Oh but ye ponders, “Hay dood, hows I deshackle myself from teh tube and ascend to media greatness.” Well my silly lifeforms of the depths, the answer lies in the internet (the greater of the tubes if you will). There are plenty of uprising vidcasts and online tv shows that feature wondrous content. In fact, [Adult Swim] features many of there weekly lineup on-the-line. Every thing from the cybornetic poultry to the morbid stationary. From time to time the internet births its own children, which grow up and and make its networked father proud. This bastard child i speak of is Martin Sargent. His freakish yet wondrous shows can be found at revision 3, a website that features an assortment of sweet ass shows. The small creepy guy in the corner with one hand in a region unknown to many of his onlookers asks, “But wat of ye shows for us who feature an appalling sort of humor”. Well Nobody Likes Onions is the very thing for you sir. Hosted by the very much loved and hated Patrick Melton, Johnny B, and Chef. This one is not how ever to be viewed by normal easily offended people. Lets just say they were the second to have a joke with 9/11 in it, the first being anon.

Here are some links to awesomeness, and remember to support your internet media.



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Robotic lungs breath in your sweet data…

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