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I F***ed Sh17 Up

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alright, so I had a text message from Kanchi last night saying the site was fucked up.  I kinda ignored it because I had better things to do (like sleep.)

Turns out it really was screwed up.  I checked the stats for yesterday and at a certain point in the day it dropped from hundreds of visits an hour to almost none :\

I enabled Short-URLS for mediawiki on The Sh17’s Private Project Wiki, but accidentally messed up the .htaccess file at the root of the site.  It was redirecting almost all traffic (that wasn’t a real file) to the wiki for it to handle.  So if you visited thesh17 dot com in the evening yesterday, you probably got some kind of authentication error.   Sorry about that but everything should be fixed now.

Actually. Everythings half okay.   You guys shouldn’t notice anything though.  Leave a comment if you have any problems!

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