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Cold Boot Beats Your Disk Encryption

Monday, February 25, 2008

Do you use Microsoft Window’s Bitlocker?   TrueCrypt?  DMCrypt?  Or whatever the hell Apple calls their disk encryption?

If you do.  Here’s something for you to think about.   That encryption key is more vulnerable than you probably realize.  It’s always going to be sitting somewhere in your ram while you’re logged onto your system.  If you put your machine to sleep, it’s going to be there.   Even if you completely power off your laptop/computer, it will still be sitting in that ram chip for at least a little while.

This video demonstrates an attack against Bitlocker:

Want to feel safe again?

  • Always shutdown your computer.  Not sleep,hibernate, or any other lowpower state.
  • Find a program to scramble your ram on shutdown.
  • Don’t use liquid nitrogen to cool your ram.
  • Reevaluate your encryption needs, because most likely you don’t need to encrypt the WHOLE disk.  If you’re using linux; look into setting up encryption per user per their home folder.

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Bush Vs. Zombies

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks probably.   I randomly saw this on youtube and thought it was worth posting.

Also.  If anyone is interested in working on a zombie-oriented website/project (zombiebait.org) with us, drop me a line at zbait@thesh17.com.   You’ll be paid for your efforts.

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inhumanity 1.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Occasionally my heart beats faster than normal…the doctors said it was a mere condition…not to worry.

I’m worrying now.

I can smell it, scalding my chest, burning my veins, lighting my heart on fire. The wind feels good from up here. such a high deserves a magnificent crash. my foot steps off of concrete, onto the heavens. They cannot carry my sins. windows run by me in such a blur as I anticipate the ground. My lids shut…rebound and I see rubble around me in a great full dance. The kind only the gods have seen.

“You shouldn’t be here.” growls a man in a dark mechanical sort of suit. It had wires and panels all over that gave him an inhuman stature. This man raised a sort of gun that shot a sort of bullet.

It was grand in shape and speed, that bullet. Air rippled like water around its surface. It defied sound and almost light with its speed. I grinned at its defiance and caught it with my hand.

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