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Sales Guy vs Web Dude

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I stumbled on this video a few weeks ago and forgot about it until now.     I think it’s hilarious, but that might be because I work as tech support for a web hosting company..

From their website :

After much taping, editing, deleting, drinking and swearing we are proud to present… Sales Guy vs. Web Dude! A mashup of true and mostly-true stories from IT hell. If you’ve ever called tech support and wondered what the hell they are doing down there… well, this should answer some questions for you.

Created by: Josh Weinberg
Sales Guy: Casey Cochran
Web Dude: Josh Weinberg
Trevor from Arvada: Jesse
JohnsonWhitefellow (The Boss): Josh Childs
Sales Manager Nancy: Ruth SherrodIrving

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Fun Flash Game – 13 Days In Hell

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Here’s a fun flash game to keep you entertained for a while.   1-4 changes weapons, R or Space reloads.   Aim for the weakspots and save your expensive ammo.

Blast some zombie-like lost souls and see if you can make it in the high scores.   The highest I got so far was 90,000 or so.

Screenshot of 13 days in hell
Click to play

Click the image above to play the game, or go here.

BubbleBox [ via Nothing To Do ]

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Register.com is giving away free domain names

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Want a free domain name for a year?  Head over to the link below.  Register.com is apparently giving away free domain registrations for the first year.   Domains are only around $7-9/yr anyway, but if you want to save a few bucks..

I don’t think it’s required to stay with them after a year, but I haven’t looked into it either.

“For a limited time, you can register a new domain name for your small business

and get it FREE for the first year with no further obligation (a $35 value).”

Register.com, Inc..

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