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Supercomputers – Future game show contestants?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I came across this piece of [old] news at CIO.   Apparently IBM is working on a new super computer code-named “Watson”.   They’re trying to take Artificial Intelligence to the next level with this machine, and think it’ll be capable of competing with humans on game shows like Jeopardy.

“Watson, in its final stages of development, is a question answering system that has been in development for nearly two years. Underneath Watson’s hood, natural language processing and other technologies analyze meanings behind words. This gives Watson the ability to identify relevant and irrelevant content, interpret ambiguous expression and puns, decompose questions into sub-questions, and synthesize information to form an answer, IBM says. Watson considers massive volumes and varieties of natural language, then quickly analyzes and scores supporting or refuting evidence—in a matter of seconds.”

With Wolfram Aplha out now and Google Squared in the works, it seems like there’s actually quite a bit of work going on with AI-ish programs lately.     I’m looking forward to hearing more about AI development.

Read more at IBM Supercomputer to Compete on Jeopardy.

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