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Search and Replace using VIM

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I always forget little things like this.       Today I changed the dyndns hostname I’ve been using on a server, and needed to update my Apache vhost .conf file to reflect the new domain.      There’s only about 10-15 virtual hosts in this file, but I still didn’t want to manually edit it.    I’m lazy.

vim 90_bac.supercoolname.tld.conf

Once you’re in vim, it’s super-easy to do a find and replace.     This is the command I ran:


%s tells vim to search through the entire file.

/g tells vim to replace every instance of bac.supercoolname.tld with bac.evenbettername.tld

There’s a ton of other useful stuff you can do with regular expressions, but this is something I forget a lot when I don’t use it frequently.

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