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Switching hosting services

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Today I switched the dns for thesh17.com to point to a new VPS. I’ve had thesh17.com on dreamhost for a long time and it’s done well, but has been pretty sluggish the last few months. I’m still keeping my dreamhost service active since I have a few other websites hosted on it, and like the idea of having an extra place to keep everything backed up.

I purchased a Linode VPS about a week ago, and so far it’s pretty awesome. They’ve done a great job with how they have their provisioning is set up and everything. I installed a basic CentOS set up and a few tweaks. After the dns finishes propagating and all of the traffic goes to the new server, I’ll do some apache/mysql tuning and possibly switch PHP to fastcgi. I’m also considering switching to lighthttpd instead of apache, but haven’t used it enough to want to try yet.

Anyway, if you’re seeing this post then it means you’re already loading the site from the new server. Everyone else should within the next 24-48 hours. In the mean time, the site will stay up on both servers.

If anyone runs in to any random errors or problems, shoot me an e-mail: johntash [at] thesh17.com

Edit: Apache’s been swapping like crazy most of the day and would keep bringing the load up to 140+. I tuned the process/thread limits down quite a bit and it seems to be okay so far. Hopefully it can still handle the traffic it was getting though.

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Stumble The Sh17 dot com

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I found a new plugin for thesh17.com today.  It’s called , and basically just lets me redirect ?random to a random post on thesh17.com.

The same thing could be done with .htaccess and some php coding, but laziness wins.

I changed the “Comic” link in the top navigation to “Random”  and it’s VigRx Plus going to load now.  There’s also a link in the side bar that says “Stumble TheSh17.com”

I replaced COMIC with RANDOM

If we ever get a comic set up, I’ll change the link back and do something else.  It wasn’t going anywhere before though.

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Sh17y Maintenance VII

Monday, July 7, 2008

I haven’t posted a maintenance update since December it looks like. I don’t know what all I’ve changed before today, but here is what I did today:

  • Updated Akismet to 2.1.6
    • Akismet’s blocked over 5,500 spam comments and counting.
  • Updated Google’s Sitemap Generator to
  • Updated Simple Tags to 1.5.6
  • Deleted several spam user accounts.  I have no idea why they keep getting created so often, they aren’t leaving comments or spam anywhere.
  • Added Feedburner site tracking code into posts
  • Removed the feedburner redirection link from the titles in the rss feed
  • Changed the feedburner location to http://feeds.thesh17.com/TheSh17
  • Our #1 referring search term is “bioshock
  • Fixed a few bugs with the website loading

TheSh17 dot com and Zombiebait are both in need of some work.  Anyone willing to help out?  Send an email to johntash [at] gmail.com or leave a comment here.

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Upgraded WordPress. Broke my theme.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I upgraded WordPress to version 2.5.1 and it broke my main theme for The Sh17 dot com.   It’s only the main index page that’s broken.. All single post pages and other list pages seem to work fine..  I’m trying to figure out what exactly is wrong, but I’ll probably just finish up fixing the original theme and re-implement it.

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Problems with the old design in Internet Explorer

Sunday, April 20, 2008

IE Hates TheSh17

I’ve been working on The Sh17’s server for the last few hours, and decided I’d try to get our old design working again.  I’ve ironed out most of the bugs that were keeping it from working at all with wordpress.  Now the main problem IE hates me.  Everything looks fine in Firefox, but IE displays the header wrong.

I haven’t gotten around to fixing it just yet but I’m trying to decide which design I like better.

The Original TheSh17 theme?


The pre-made theme that we’re currently using?

More than likely I’ll end up making the original design prettier to match up to the new one, or try to incorporate the logo into the current design.

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CSS Naked Day

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 9th is apparently CSS Naked Day again. I’m going to participate with TheSh17. It’s pretty easy with the wordpress plugin that does it automatically. I think MySpace should do the internet a favor and kill their stylesheets for a day. Then I don’t know where else I’d get to use this neat bookmarklet.

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I F***ed Sh17 Up

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alright, so I had a text message from Kanchi last night saying the site was fucked up.  I kinda ignored it because I had better things to do (like sleep.)

Turns out it really was screwed up.  I checked the stats for yesterday and at a certain point in the day it dropped from hundreds of visits an hour to almost none :\

I enabled Short-URLS for mediawiki on The Sh17’s Private Project Wiki, but accidentally messed up the .htaccess file at the root of the site.  It was redirecting almost all traffic (that wasn’t a real file) to the wiki for it to handle.  So if you visited thesh17 dot com in the evening yesterday, you probably got some kind of authentication error.   Sorry about that but everything should be fixed now.

Actually. Everythings half okay.   You guys shouldn’t notice anything though.  Leave a comment if you have any problems!

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