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Rant:The g00ns are retarded.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I was looking through rss feeds and saw this on joystick. Turns out that a group called g00ns “hacked” Gametrailers.com’s home page. Now, I’ll admit I’m no hacker, but I understand hacker culture and the basics for a good hack. #1. It has a point: Whether its a Black hat purpose or a White hat one, there is a point. Whether you are helping people by fixing their security problems, stealing data, or just plain curiosity, their is a purpose. #2. No one knows you were there: If no one knows you even hacked whatever your hacking, then you win. If no one knows that it was even hacked, fucking bonus. If you scream at the top of your lungs saying, “I JU57 H@XZ0R3D UR SITE, LAWLZ.” you get raped in the ass bye a 6 ft black guy that thinks computer nerds are sex toys. #3. Its original: Captain Crunch opened up a box of cereal and phreaked a pay phone with a fucking plastic whistle. He was smart. You “g00nz” “hacked” a website’s home page that was back to normal so fast I had hear about this shit from Joystiq. You are a retard.

posted by Kanchi_r0b0t at 1:48 am  
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